• Pastor Andrea Myers

April 10, 2020 Good Friday Worship Resources

On Friday, April 10, at 6:45 pm (Central) Zion will gather as an online community for Good Friday worship. We invite you to join us!

Update: Recording now available on Facebook.

Our Service led by Pastor Andrea will be streamed live on Zion's Facebook page. An online bulletin with readings and responses is available to download.

Consider also how you might set up a “home altar” to use this week, and the physical symbols you could set out for each service. For Thursday, a bowl of water, clean towels and a pitcher for hand washing. For Friday, a simple cross or crucifix. For Easter Sunday, a candle and a bowl of water.

While Easter is a joyful festival, this year we observe it in a time of difficulty and worldwide sorrow. Still, we believe that Christ is with us in his word, by his Spirit drawing us together as one before God. And we believe that the gospel of Christ gives us strength amid distress and comfort in the face of our sufferings.


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