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  • Kristi Grindstaff

Current COVID-19 precautions (August 19, 2021)

Dear Zion Members -

If you’re experiencing a sense of COVID whiplash, you are not alone. After a summer of hope for forward movement, it is both frustrating and disappointing to find ourselves confronting a new spike of COVID-19 transmission in our region.

The Delta variant presents challenges different from what we’ve experienced thus far in the pandemic, requiring Zion to reassess appropriate ways to mitigate transmission risk connected with Zion’s worship and ministry.

Just yesterday, we learned of a COVID exposure during Community VBS, hosted by Zion on August 8-12, potentially impacting 54 children and 41 youth and adult volunteers. (These participants have already been notified with a general announcement, as well as emails directed to those who were in close contact.)

At the August Congregation Council meeting last night (August 18), Zion leaders once again reviewed our COVID Preparedness Plan and the recommendations of our public health leaders. Our hope is to maintain as much normalcy as possible at Zion, while also taking reasonable and responsible steps to protect the most vulnerable members of our community – the children not yet eligible for the vaccine, and others who are at increased risk of complications.

Therefore, the following updated safety guidelines are now in effect at Zion:

  • Please wear a mask to worship, regardless of your vaccination status. Masking provides increased protection as we maintain our normal worship practices with singing and seating arrangements. Masks are available for those who arrive without one.

  • Sunday Fellowship coffee and treats will be offered "to go” after worship, so that we can more safely gather together outdoors.

  • Participants in other meetings or activities are strongly encouraged to wear masks when gathering indoors.

  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as you enter the church building.

  • If you’ve been at a church activity within 7 days of receiving a positive COVID-19 test, please notify Pastor Andrea.

We hope that the need for these heightened precautions will be short-lived. This masking guideline will be in effect through October 31, unless extended (or shortened) by the Congregation Council.

Let us continue to pray for all those impacted by this crisis: for those who are sick or recovering; for the dying and those who grieve; for leaders of government, community, schools, and healthcare facilities.

May God continue to equip us with strength and faith, so that we can make the love of Jesus known to all in our words and actions.

In hope and love,

Zion Congregation Council

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