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Growing in Grace
Fall Stewardship Appeal 2018
Experiencing the Abundance
of God's Grace

As a community of believers who seek to know Jesus, and to make him known, Zion is Growing in Grace every day. Our personal experiences of divine grace nurture us as children of God, and lead us out into the world where we are called to the daily discipleship of sharing this grace with others. 


Two years ago, Zion recognized that the spiritual health of our community required a shared commitment to its financial health. Through our annual stewardship appeal, members are now invited to make prayerful financial commitments each year. This new experience for many of our families means they're Growing in Grace and becoming more intentional in their giving. It has also aided Zion's leaders in financial planning for our ministries and staff. Today, our shared commitment is bearing good fruit as we share generously from what God has provided! Thank you for your partnership in this journey of faith and daily growth!

We invite you to watch the three Growing in Grace videos celebrating Zion's ministry over the last year. 

Growing in Grace

As we look ahead to 2019, Growing in Grace will help us address new ministry challenges through strategic investments and support ongoing ministries in a sustainable way.

Would you prayerfully consider contributing a financial offering to Zion in 2019 to help us achieve our goals and continue to be a place where you're ale to grow in grace? Imagine how God will continue to grow our ministries with your help. As your determine your gift, be assured your gifts of any amount will be appreciated and used thoughtfully. 

You can submit your statement of intent electronically using the purple button above.

Plans for 2019

Increased gifts and offerings will be used to do the following:


Expand Ministry for Youth and Families ($8,000):

  • Secure financial support for our new Youth Ministry Coordinator.

  • Equip the Youth Room with new tools for ministry.

  • Provide financial support for youth participating in the 2019 West Virginia Mission Trip.


Maintain and Improve Facility ($2,000)

  • Purchase new portable sound system for the Fellowship Hall.

  • Complete repair and maintenance of the original exterior walls of the sanctuary.


Strengthen On-Going Ministries ($8,000)

  • Invest in new software to manage membership and contribution information.

  • Keep up with rising costs of insurance, office supplies, program curriculum, and utilities

  • Continue to pay off our line of credit and move toward a cash reserve.

  • Maintain our level of Mission Support for ministry in the wider church

TOTAL APPEAL GOAL: Increased gifts of $18,000 in General Fund Offerings.

An additional goal for this year is to have twenty new givers to the Building Fund in 2019, and over $10,000 in new gifts. Because our monthly payments are covered by current giving, nearly all new giving in 2019 could go toward paying down the loan principal. The following chart shows the new Building Fund Gifts needed to reach our goal:

1 gift of $2,000 ($39 per week)

2 gifts of $1,000 ($20 per week)

7 gifts of $500 ($10 per week)

10 gifts of $250 ($5 per week)

Total new gifts: $10,000 ($192 per week)